This company has problems internally-until the CEO/Owner fixes his problem he cannot help any veteran! They jusdt got rid of over twenty educated women and kept the drug addicts-mostly management-yes Bob you know we are talking about yoiu-oh yes-josh and frank-did not forget about you either!

Honestly-how can a company assist you if the 1st peoplle you talk to are not coherent-nor the management staff-i come from a veteran family and trust me when I say-VETERANS BEWARE!!!! The owner has done alot of good for the community but is not aware that his crew is pulling a fast one on him-again Bill Edwards wake up before you lose everything!!!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #588255

If you're not doing your job, Any job will fire you. Mortgage Investors gives helpful training classes to help you succeed and do better with the company. If you were that educated you wouldn't be working in the call center, now would you?

Peoples business outside of the companies is no ones business but they're own but if they're helping the company make money by actually doing their job why should they be fired?

Get your facts straight.



After Mortgage Investors Company called and harassed us for five months, we finally let them come over and give us their spiel. We are on the "do not call list" too mind you.

They don't even say their company name when they call; they are the most unprofessional people. Anyway, they said it would take 10 mins but it took 2 hours. The guy acted totally weird sometimes, saying he was going to call his boss and tell them we weren't home so he could come visit us again!!! Wtf?

He was giving code phrases to someone on the phone. We had a bad feeling about these guys after the rep left so I called them to tell them we weren't interested and the lady hung up on me! Mortgage investor corp is a HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL group!

Plus, we found a lower FIXED interest rate elsewhere. They are also no accredited by the better business bureau.

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