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My husband and I were presented with Mortgage Investor Corporation's VA benefit and are taking advantage of it. We have a federally binding Good Faith Estimate that shows that we will save at the very least $99,000 over the life of our $230,000 loan.

The people who are afraid of this benefit and company simply do not understand the program.

Why would the Veterans Administration create a benefit that would be a detriment to a veteran when they co-sign for 25% of every VA loan?

This program is an absolute no-brainer. If you do not understand it, call and ask whatever questions you have and have it explained. Don't put negative comments here so that other vets don't even have a chance to see the program and possibly understand it and save thousands.

My husband and I are thinking of buying another home and renting this one. We WILL be using this benefit on the new home as well. We are both vets and have the luxury of two eligibilities!

Shame some are not using their benefit to the best of their ability. I guess they like complaining about things they don't understand and then lining the pockets of their current civilian mortgage company with interest fees they pay them.

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I am meeting with a representative from this company tomorrow, I am somewhat apprehensive, I will be video recording the meeting and will disclose that to the person when they arrive, I am a former fraud investigator and was in law enforcement for 20+ years, we'll see what happens?...

to Ben Chapman #598774

What happened with the meeting?

to Ben Chapman Ocala, Florida, United States #678758

It must have gone well - - otherwise this "fraud investigator" would have posted his results.


See complaints throughout the internet about unending bothersome, heavy-handed phone calls. The Better Business Bureau gives MIC (Mortgage Investors Corporation a.k.a.

Americorp their "No" Rating. The president is William Edwards.


Hey TLo, so you "don't do business with companies I do NOT know". What about before you knew the companies that you do business with, have you known them since birth?

No, you learned about them at some point right?

Get real TLo, you have at some point done business with someone you didn't know because at one point you didn't know them... you are not that big of a deal bro :p


I'm tired of shill comments that defend these unscrupulous companies! Telemarketers and frauds begone!!


Sorry, I don't do business with companies I do NOT know, nonetheless, solicit. I'd rather be on the safe side and deal with my bank or some other!

The knucklehead that came by would not fess up that it was an ARM because I told him up front, I'd rather keep my fixed loan versus giving up ANY of my personal information!

Thanks for the heads up in regards to the other comments. You can go to the FBI website and get some helpful hints on how to protect yourself from potential scams.


MIC is not a VA benefit. They are simply authorized by the VA to make VA insured loans.


With such a glowing recommendation, it sounds to me like 6ftwmn works for MIC. Especially when you consider this is one of very few good comments about the company.


you must have loved the closing costs.. you got ripped off dude.

1% orig 2% loan discount .5% Va Funding not to mention title work.... you got took..

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